How Many Types of DSLR Lenses Are There?

Three camera lenses with different focal lengths

It takes skill and creativity to capture the best photos, yet lenses may influence techniques and efficiency. As you try to decide which lens to try next, you may wonder how many types of DSLR lenses are there? We’re sharing several types of lenses and when to use them. How Many Types of DSLR Lenses …

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Best DSLR Camera Under $700 [2022 Review]

DSLR cameras under $700

Using a DSLR enables you to capture photos with excellent resolution and sharpness. However, some models tend to be expensive. To help you save money and time, we’re giving you options for the best DSLR camera under 700 dollars to balance quality and affordability. Our Top DSLR Camera Under $700 Reviews Considering the optical quality, …

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Can You Shoot a Wedding with a 50mm Lens?

Selective focus if Canon 50mm lens

Weddings may involve changing lights, several guests, and massive locations. In such cases, can you shoot a wedding with a 50mm lens? Let’s discover how you can use a 50mm lens to take memorable wedding photos. Can You Shoot a Wedding with a 50mm Lens? Yes, you can shoot a wedding using a 50mm lens, …

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Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1500 [2022 Review]

Sony mirrorless camera

More compact and faster for video, mirrorless cameras can help you take creative photos. However, these benefits come with high prices. So whether you’re an enthusiast looking for your first camera or an experienced shooter wanting to upgrade, we’re giving you options for the best mirrorless camera under $1500.  Our Top Mirrorless Camera Under $1500 …

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What Can You Shoot with a 50mm Lens?

Person holding a 50mm camera lens

A 50mm may be a standard-looking lens, yet it’s popular because of its affordability, quality, and ease of use. Now, you may be wondering, what can you shoot with a 50mm lens given its fixed focal length? We’re sharing the different kinds of photos you can take using the nifty-fifty. What Can You Shoot with …

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Best Camera for Car Photography [2022 Review]

Man taking photos of a black car with his camera

Car photography is a fascinating niche because you get to shoot sports cars or even vintage models. To make the shoot more exciting, we’re reviewing the best camera for car photography, along with several alternatives and tips on how to choose the right model for your shooting style and budget level. Our Top Camera for …

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Best Pocket Video Camera [2022 Review]

Go Pro camera beside a laptop

While smartphones can record video, they usually run out of memory space, and there’s a chance you might bury the file in a huge pile of photos. So whether it’s for vlogging or personal documentation, we’re sharing the best pocket video camera, along with the features you need to consider. Our Top Pocket Video Camera …

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Best Nikon Lens for Sports [2022 Review]

Sports photographer using a Nikon lens during an official game

Sports photography can be tricky, not only for beginners but also for experienced photographers. With lots of rapid movements filled with adrenaline-shot expressions, sports provide plenty of opportunities for you to showcase your photography skills that are easy to miss. For that reason, we have selected the best Nikon lens for sports to help you …

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Best Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing [2022 Review]

Ice fishing camera submerged in shallow water

Ice fishing is one of a kind experience. However, with the visibility issues that come with trying to catch fish through a small opening on a frozen water surface, a specialized camera not only comes in handy, it’s a must-have. So, if you are looking for the best underwater camera for ice fishing, we prepared …

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Best DSLR Camera Under $600 [2022 Review]

Person holding a dslr camera worth under 600 dollars

When starting out in photography or upgrading from a smartphone camera, many buyers opt for pocket-friendly cameras. There’s no harm in that, except that it’s often difficult to balance between affordability and quality especially when it comes to DSLR shooters. So, we did the heavy lifting for you and researched the best DSLR camera for under …

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Best Lens for Canon Rebel T6 [2022 Review]

Canon Rebel T6

The Canon Rebel T6 is one of the most powerful cameras you can get. The camera is even more powerful when you get the right lens for it. That is why we prepared this guide to help you find the best lens for a Canon Rebel T6 camera. Our Top Canon Rebel T6 Lens Reviews  …

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Best Gimbal for BMPCC 6K and 4K [2022 Review]

best gimbal for bmpcc 4k

No matter your Blackmagic Camera’s image stabilization sensitivity, it will never be as stable as using a gimbal. A gimbal is an essential tool for supporting a camera’s movements, whether hobbyist or professional. This is why we’re helping you choose the best gimbal for BMPCC 6K and 4K. Our Top Gimbal for BMPCC 6K and …

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