Best Lighting for Boudoir Photography [2022 Review]

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One of the major essence of boudoir photography is to allow women to love their bodies. feeling sexy shouldn’t just be about pleasing somebody else, but pleasing yourself.

Boudoir shot of a woman sitting on a basketball

For some, it is a business. Anyways, enough of those definitions.

As you advance in your boudoir photography skills, it may become necessary to use lightings to add style and effects on your shots. While your subject may prefer using natural light, the power of artificial lighting cannot be underrated.

Haven said all these, if you are looking to buy some lighting equipment, then you are are the right place because we have reviewed the best lighting for boudoir photography to enable you to shoot those stunning glamour images.

Reviews of the Best Lighting for Boudoir Photography

1. Emart 600W Photography Portrait Studio with Umbrella

The Emart 600W Photography Video Portrait Studio Day Light Umbrella Lighting Kit focuses on producing premium light. When using a camera with this umbrella lighting kit, it will capture a whole spectrum of color alongside neutral skin tones while using the white umbrella.

The function of the black umbrella is to keep unnecessary light from reflecting into your photo. Depending on the kind of photo you want, the Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Light Umbrella will deliver and satisfy your preference.

The inclusion of both the black and white umbrella will provide photographers with the opportunity to capture portrait photographs and shoot the best videos.

This Umbrella Continuous Lighting kit features an adjustable general light holder socket and 45W spiral CFL bulb that will meet the requirement you want at all sides when shooting.

The 1x 33 inch light stand and 2x 83 inch light stand allows photographers to build a perfect photo studio for photographs to be taken.


  • The light bulbs can be used as continuous lighting
  • It includes full-spectrum energy saving CFL continuous photo bulb
  • It features a black and white umbrella kit that serves it functions
  • It produces premium light


  • The Photography kit does not include an adapter in its package
  • It cannot be used as a strobe light

2. Fovitec – 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit for Photo and Video

The Fovitec 3 light 2500w fluorescent lightning kit features an ultimate 3 point lighting kit that allows photographers to capture a nonstop range of lightning patterns that suits your style.

Also, the addition of the boom arm allows photographers to place a light above an individual to create for a hair light or flattering edge. This will create a more erotic effect on your subject.

Photographers are urged to purchase the Fovitec studio photography and video lighting equipment because it is versatile and apart from recommending for boudoir photography, it is also perfect for film productions, photoshoots, large group shots, product photography, portraits, and so much more.

Its specifications include 5” boom arm, three light sources, 45W lamps, and 20”x28” software boxes.

This lighting equipment is also the ideal choice for live gamers who want to improve the look of their gaming session on platforms such as Smashcast, Twitch, and Mixer.


  • It includes a boom arm
  • It has three light sources
  • It is the best choice for photo and live videos
  • It is great for beginners and professionals


  • This lightning equipment kit is not perfect for a large group shot of about 40 or more people
  • It is not a wireless system

3. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light with Adjustableripod Stand

The Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light will provide for the highest and best lighting because it features 66 pcs energy-saving LED bulbs. This means that the light will not glimmer even while the light is not bright enough.

You have the option to change the brightness from 10% to 100%. This will be perfect if you have clients that love to test shots with different light intensity.

This photo Light Kit with adjustable stand also features a reliable USB plug that can be plugged into your PC.

This LED photo light has 4 color filters which comprise of yellow, red, blue, and white, and which provides for higher quality in shooting and capturing photos.

You can also adjust its little LED panel light to meet your different shooting angles. This will allow you to get a perfect shot that you can be proud you took.


  • It has 4 different color filters
  • It includes a reliable and easy to use USB plug
  • You can adjust the brightness with ease
  • You can also set it to your preferred position
  • It provides high-quality photos even in surroundings with low light


  • The lights reset their settings after unplug and replug
  • It does not come with desk clamps

4. StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit

The StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox is also among the best lighting for boudoir photography. This lighting kit is known to be a 3pc constant light Softbox lighting system that has 1 overhead hairlight boom softbox and 2 softboxes.

One interesting aspect of this particular studio portrait lighting kit is that there is no stress needed to set it up before use.

What’s more? The StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Lightning kit will work with digital DSLR cameras. In most cases, it is used for video and photo lighting.

Equipped with a 3-light system, you are sure to capture natural portraits. If you are a solo photographer who loves to take romantic pictures of yourself, then this will be a great option because you can save money and time instead of going to the studio to take photos. Since it can be set up in your home easily, you have nothing to worry about.


  • It provides constant video lighting
  • It captures natural portraits
  • It is the ideal choice for boudoir client that loves intense natural light
  • It is easy to use and set up


  • It is difficult to use this softbox lighting kit for Speedlight
  • It can only be kept as low as 3 feet
  • There is no inclusion of the single bulb hair light

5. MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit Photography Studio Light

The MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting kit photography studio light includes a remote control that works between 7-8 meters of distance. You may see this softbox as the best lighting for boudoir photography, depending on what you like and the comfort it provides through the remote control.

This softbox kit takes lesser energy than other energy bulbs. It can also stay for an extended period because of the use of an ABS material that is difficult to break.

Professional photographers are urged to use this softbox lighting kit because it features 140 LED bulbs. The LED bulbs can be adjusted to a white, cold, and warm light. Also capable of being adjusted is the color temperature, which is within 2800-5700k.


  • It features a remote control
  • It is perfect for professional photographers
  • It includes an improved LED bulb
  • It has three modes of adjusting the LED bulbs
  • It is portable


  • It has only one diffuser in one softbox kit
  • The LED bulb does not work with 220v

Criteria for Buying Lighting Kits for Your Boudoir Photography

Woman carrying a lighting equipment

You certainly will not find any lighting kit that comes from a manufacturer with a label that says “For boudoir photography”. Through our detailed research, we have found the most versatile lighting systems that are 100% applicable for creating erotic scenes and effects on your subject.

If you however decide to go buy one from your local photography shop, then we recommend that you consider the following criteria to help you choose the right one.

Lighting Color Effect

Photography lighting kits come with different colors and styles to add great effects to your photography. While most of them come with bright white light, when it comes to boudoir photography, you need more color options. But this depends on what your client wants. For example, they might want a more dramatic look as they wear lingerie like a push up bra that accentuates their chest, and then softer lighting when they wear something that covers more, such as a sheer gown.

It is common to see clients who prefer natural white light and if you have more of such clients, then white lightning is the best option for you. However, most lighting kits allow you to change bulbs to your desired color.

Remote Option

While some may think this is not necessary, we feel otherwise. You do not want to keep your client waiting while you physically adjust the light to a different position or try to adjust the intensity of the light manually.

A lighting system that comes with a remote control helps you quickly adjust a lot of effects from the lighting kit with the click of the button.

Other Features

Try as much as possible to buy a lighting kit that has the best features. One feature we find necessary is the ability to adjust the height of the stand. This will help you get the best light focus on areas where you do prefer.


The best lighting for boudoir photography opens up a new world for you to create stunning images that your clients will love.

There is nothing bad about trying new things. There is no doubt that some subjects may like it natural, but we have seen more stunning boudoir photographs that were taken using physical lighting effects.

Even though you have a great lighting kit, you should always allow your client to express their view on their preference.