Can You Use A Camcorder As A Webcam?

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So if you have got a camcorder and you want to go live on a webcam, chances are there that you may not like the resolution which your original camera on your computer offer.

So many people want to know if there are chances to use use a camcorder as a webcam. So we will be answering this question in this article.

Can You Use A Camcorder As A Webcam?

There is a possibility that your camcorder will work as a webcam. But unfortunately, not every camcorder can be able to do this.

Most camcorder goes off after some minutes of inactivity. This feature is there to help conserve the battery. If your camcorder does this, then we are sorry to say that you cant use it for this purpose. But there is a way out.

If your camcorder has an Auto Shut Off option in the menu or settings of the camera, then you can change this option to Off or Never. With these settings selected, your camcorder will remain on until the battery runs down or you manually put it off.

If your camcorder does not have this option, then you may not be able to use it in place of a webcam. So before you continue to the next section, check your camera if there is a feature for that.

How to Connect Camcorder to Laptop for Live Streaming

A focus shot of a camcorder near a laptop

so if your camera has got the option highlighted above, then we can move to the next stage on showing you how to connect your camcorder to your computer.

Firstly, a webcam comes with a clip that allows you to attach to the top of your computer screen. It also has an option to tilt to any angle to adjust on your face. But for a camcorder, this option isn’t there because you are improvising. We suggest getting a gorilla tripod stand for this purpose.

  1. Plug the power cable to a power source and then connect it with the camcorder. This is to ensure that the camcorder doesn’t go off when the battery is drained unexpectedly.
  2. Connect the supplied composite video cable to the A/V jack input on the camcorder.
  3. Connect the other end of the composite video cable into the VIDEO IN jack of your computer.
  4. Switch on the camera
  5. Switch on the computer
  6. Startup the webcam application to be used

Best Alternative Way to Connect Camcorder to the Computer for Streaming

If you can spend some few bucks, then this method is the best and will certainly work without any problem. It also works if you want to connect any other type of camera to your computer in place of a webcam.

For this method, you will need an Elgato Cam Link. It is very simple and straight to the point.

The following video explains everything and steps you need to follow to get it set up.

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